“Kaley’s work is both delicate and emotive. It’s what initially drew me toward her, and ultimately, why I chose to invest in a Mentor Session with her. She has a unique ability to convey her subjects’ stories through her lens—soft yet expressive at the same time. And even in a saturated market, she continues to create inspiring, life-giving photographs with authentic depth for both her clients and fellow photographers. But what impressed me most about her, aside from her talent, was her spirit; kind, thoughtful, genuine, patient, and humble— she’s a true joy to be with. Kaley values the time she spends with those she mentors. So, if you’re considering investing in a Mentor Session, I 100% recommend Kaley. You will not be disappointed.”

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“I was new to wedding photography and photographing couples, and reached out to Kaley because I had followed her for awhile and always loved how different and captivating her style was. 

I signed up for a mentorship and gained so much knowledge and experience in that time with her, it was well worth the money. She taught me to do my own thing and to not get distracted by trends or what’s popular at any given time in the industry. I highly recommend signing up for a mentorship with Kaley, it will pop you right out of any creative rut you may be in. I left that day feeling extremely inspired and confident in pursuing my own business.”

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“Kaley has been a friend and creative confidante for a handful of years and I was beyond excited when she announced she would be adding Mentor Sessions to her list of pursuits and talents! I say this often— she is pure magic with her camera and pushing her own creative work, and a Mentor Session is no different. She truly invested her heart and time into making sure all topics and questions I had regarding creative process, business, connecting with clients and community—you name it—were answered and elaborated on. 

She organized a couple’s shoot and it was the stuff of dreams. I had requested to Kaley to really take me out of my comfort zone of shooting in open & uncrowded ‘naturescapes’, and instead give me a challenge of shooting somewhere urban and confined. She did above and beyond getting me out of my comfort zone, situationally and creatively, and it has been one of my hardest yet most creatively rewarding shoots to date. She really does her all to show you how she approaches posing, lighting, etc. in certain situations as well as made it a relaxed and fun space for one to create & ask questions throughout the shoot and the entire day.

A Mentor Session with Kaley was worth the investment for myself and my business, plus I was able to spend the day learning and hanging out with one beautiful, genuine, and creative soul.”

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“Going into my Mentor Session I was so eager and excited to learn, but also expected to be really nervous. When we started the live shoot, Kaley fostered space to be creative and time to play with new angles and lighting. I’ve never left a shoot so confident and inspired! Talking afterwards, I felt heard and had a very needed sounding board to talk through ideas and struggles. I left having a better direction to go in and equipped to create work I’m proud of.”

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“It’s always a big investment when you’re first starting any business. Like most people, I sought out a mentor. I searched for a LONG time, and then I found Kaley from Kansas. I knew right away that I loved her work and that learning from her wouldn’t come cheap. She spent countless hours during and even time after the session to make sure I didn’t have any questions and that I felt confident. The biggest part that made me nervous was the shoot, because I’m not super outgoing like a lot of photographers are! Kaley made the shoot extremely smooth and relaxed at the same time. I ended up taking way more photos than I normally do and felt way more comfortable afterwards and she didn’t even need to say much! If you’re looking for a mentor, or even a photographer (because even photographers need photos too) KALEY IS THE ONE!”

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My Mentor Session with Kaley was one of the best decisions I made this past year. It challenged me to think differently about my approach and create a better experience for my clients. Kaley is not only sweet and authentic, but a true inspiration. I felt so comfortable asking her all of my questions. She listened and was honest. I enjoyed hearing about her process, editing techniques, and how she utilizes lighting in different situations. Kaley has a gift and there's just something about her that makes you want to be around her and learn more from her. I would highly recommend her as a mentor to anyone who is looking for new ways to grow personally & professionally.

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