[fade]Thank you for being here, you must be into each other.[/fade]

[fade]I want to capture your essence, your quirks, the true meaning behind your relationship. I want you to look back at these photos and think, “wow, I had no idea she was getting that” or laugh when you realize what was actually being said during parts of your session. Those moments will not go unnoticed. It’s all part of it, you just gotta trust the process.[/fade]

[fade]We can hang out on the porch with a bottle of wine, trek through white sands, stand under a waterfall, run around the desert, go for a hike, watch the sunrise at the coast, explore a new landscape— what is it that brings you joy? What is meaningful to you? What makes sense for you as a couple?

Let’s walk away feeling like we’re old friends.[/fade]

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[fade]Artful imagery with heart.[/fade]

[fade]Let’s slow life down for awhile and remember this season, what you love about the other, and have fun creating together. Trust me and allow yourselves to be vulnerable.[/fade]

[fade]That doesn’t mean you need to be someone you’re not, it just means being present, owning who you are, and allowing me to step in and create meaningful work from what’s happening in front of me.[/fade]


[fade]Let’s make imagery that
speaks to you as a couple.
How it felt.[/fade]

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