[fade]Thank you for being here, you must be doing your best.[/fade]


[fade]The joys of motherhood… those first minutes of your little one being earthside, the beauty in the chaos, the strongest bond— no love as instantaneous and forgiving. Moments of bliss, self-doubt, clarity, joy, pure genius. Motherhood is a wild ride.

So let’s use this time and just be.

It’s your turn to be in front of the camera loving on your babies. Don’t try and control it. I’ll get to know you and your littles, and frame your imperfectly beautiful moments as they unfold in the light.[/fade]

[fade]I want you to be truly seen— for you to really live these sweet moments with your littles during our time together, without having to worry about the result. I want to pause this special season you are in, and allow you to relish in it’s goodness, it’s purpose, and it’s lessons for a lifetime.

Let’s find out who your children are right before our eyes. It’ll be a new way of seeing them, like you’re just meeting for the first time. Photos that almost feel like poems.

Let’s create something beautiful together.[/fade]

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[fade]Little snippets of your journey.[/fade]

[fade]I get lost in the beauty of it all. Trust me to document this time for you in the most beautiful, genuine way I know how. You’ll cherish these moments… little snippets of your journey.[/fade]

[fade]I want to witness this season of yours and make it come alive in the photographs that I capture.[/fade]


[fade]My mother was my first country,
the first place I ever lived.”

—Nayyirah Waheed[/fade]

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