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the day that some of my favorite mama’s and their littles had a windy play date at the park .

i met all three of these lovely ladies through instagram. yes, insta is becoming such an amazing way to connect with other artisans, creatives and people who get you. and get what you do. i have created lasting friendships through this visual app and i am so thankful.

these three all live in my city, yet i had never met them until last year.

they are all strong, beautiful women and i admire every single one of them. i love to document their lives and i am so thankful to be able to do so.

lauren with her sweet, leo who loves to stick his tongue out and make loud noises. amanda with her sassy stella who is so imaginative and explores all around (and who is besties with poppy) and theo with his elf ears and old soul. lindsay with her bright eyed poppy who loves black olives and avocado and wears pigtails and vintage rompers .

this day was full of cadbury eggs, wind blown hair and adventure . i love these ladies and i hope you enjoy just a glimpse of this wednesday with them .

l + l + a . . . this is for you .

We took a 1960 Ford F100 to an open field to document Ivy’s first birthday .

ivy susan is turning one.

tara and kyle have an amazing, blue eyed little girl with the longest lashes who points her finger and makes funny faces and who loves sitting in kyle’s 1960 ford. i always love photographing this beautiful family and this was no exception.



Sarah - Holy smokes, what an adorable little gal!
Her eyes are just the sweetest.
Beautiful photos, what a beautiful family.

Jacob - Wow! What a beautiful family. Ivy owns the lens. Such charisma for a one year old. Kyle sure looks handsome too. So clean cut! Tara, you look stunning as always. Can’t wait to see y’all soon! Are you gonna bake your new neighbor a batch of cookies?