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Dreamers and Doers: A day in the life with jeweler, Selena .

This is selena. A jeweler here in Lawrence, KS and a good friend of mine. She is in her last semester at KU and when I heard of this #dreamersanddoers opportunity for Urban Outfitters, I jumped at the chance to include her. Some of my favorite shoots have been following my talented friends around and watching them work and create. This was one of those times.

Here is a little more about Selena and her approach to her craft:

“I have always been drawn toward geometric shapes, repetitive images and linear work and found myself sticking strictly to those characteristics, but never thinking out of the box to take them to the next level. As I mature and grow with my ideas, I have been able to let myself discover the reality of my potential and what work I am truly drawn toward creating.

Having always loved fashion, I am now beginning to explore the idea of runway and wearable sculpture jewelry. Seeing how a piece of work interacts with someone’s body and how the person forms a relationship with a piece interest me. Pulling form past ideas and characteristics of my work, I continue to incorporate the use of geometry, repetition and linear designs, but in a less predictable way. I am now using these ideas on a grander scale and focusing on the ways that they may enhance the audience’s reaction and interaction with my work.”

This was how I saw her.


Lexia and Kallan are engaged / Lawrence, KS .

This is Lexia and Kallan. Lexie and I were college roommates and ever since I have known her, she’s been in love with Kallan. Fast forward almost six years and they are now engaged. They came to Lawrence where I had scouted an old Greenhouse, an open field and a home that was begging to be photographed.

Congratulations, you two. I’m so happy for you. Enjoy!