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The Yeomans Family

“As a photographer, I have followed along with Kaley’s work for years - always admiring at her beautiful interpretations of couples, life, and love. When I discovered she would be coming to California, I knew I wanted her to capture my family. She was easy going, let us be us, directed when necessary, but for the most part was a charming butterfly on the wall, witnessing these four people, their dog, and even grandfather for a bit, in a quiet flurry of red hair, smiles, and delightful conversation. When we received our images, they moved my husband and I to tears. She allowed us to share our most honest and vulnerable selves in ways I’ve never seen before. She truly is an artist who is so much more than a photographer. She is a storyteller at heart, and I adore and respect her so much. Our images will adorn our walls and tell our story for years to come.”

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