Nico & Maribell


Oh, where to begin. . .

Magic. Vulnerability. Light. Joy. Motherhood.

 A few choice words to describe this beautiful session with my friend, Nico + her daughter, Maribell. 

 The shoot took place at her home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I have been following Nico for quite awhile on instagram and have always admired her grace, compassion and love for her children. I felt as if I was being called to document her maternal nature and relationship with her three littles. Since the boys were at school, I ended up spending the morning getting to know Nico and her youngest, Maribell.

 I asked Nico her favorite part about motherhood:

"I love the personal growth and self acceptance that has come along in the humbling process of becoming a mother and parenting children. I love that being a mother offers insight to just what it might have been like for my own parents and it’s truly wonderful to get an idea of just how much I was loved as a child."

Before we made our way to her bedroom to start shooting, Nico put "the wild reeds" on vinyl and I watched as Maribell danced through the living room—it's always such a joy to see children react to music. 

It was an honor to photograph these two and I need to thank Nico for always allowing me to create amazing, honest, beautiful work. She wasn't afraid and was able to be vulnerable which really set the tone for the entire morning and I created some of my best work when it comes to celebrating a mother/daughter relationship— truly one of my favorite motherhood sessions to date.

 “Just keep swimming."

Prepare your hearts.