Michelle & Gabe


Back in April, I taught at Evolve Workshops.

I spoke on how to make honest work and it was such a humbling, beautiful, life-giving experience. Having some of the attendees coming up to me in tears made very clear that I do have something to say and something to give to other creatives and I want to continue speaking and leading shoots at workshops and will be planning my own here soon.

Luckily, I had the most amazing couple to photograph for my live shoot. Seriously, what a dream getting to shoot them. This is one of my favorite couples sessions to date. The way they love, the tones, the desert, the wind.

The talented, Benjamin Holtrop was the stylist and visionary behind the shoot— taking visual inspiration from the tones found within the desert landscape, exploring the subtlety between colors and the physical interactions of humans when placed within a limited sensory environment. 

The tones in this shoot really spoke to me and I’m so proud with how it came together and I loved having fifteen attendees shooting alongside me and getting to see what they created from both mine and Benjamin’s vision. 


“When hearts bleed.”