The Lyerly Family


I was lucky enough to photograph Michelle and her family at their home in Newland, North Carolina and I knew it was going to be special even before getting to their doorstep.

I stopped at a general store in town and as I walked out and got in my car, I heard a knock on my window and saw an old man standing outside. I rolled my window down and he said, “I gotta ask you an important question: What do you call ten rabbits in a row walking backwards?” My response being, “I don’t know, what?” He said, “a receding hair line.” As I laughed, he said “now, keep smiling” as he walked off. It reminded me to give people a chance, and it also showed me how special this town was already. 

I ended up staying with the Lyerly’s in their spare room and when I got there, had a little gift basket from the girls. Daisy and June made me actual cards with their little kits... welcome letters with handmade envelopes. My heart. Inside Daisy’s read, “Dear Kaley, I hope you have fun at my hous. Thank you for taking pichrs of us. Xo Daisy.” 

During the shoot, we spent time on their farm, at their favorite little look out spot and in their greenhouse. Afterwards, we all ate dinner together. Michelle and I stayed up late drinking wine and chatting about life, our careers, motherhood and more. I wouldn’t trade these times for anything and I am so thankful for clients who invite me in and become vulnerable and allow me to make the most honest photographs that I can.