The Hensley Family


I could go on and on about this sweet family. Masa and I have been following each other for what seems like forever, so I was beyond excited when she flew me out to Columbus, MS to document this season for her and her family.

I stayed in their guest room for a few days where I was able to get to know them on a whole different level and truly see their day to day. We made a lot of beautiful memories like cramming into a storm shelter, eating at their favorite local gem of a restaurant, having heart to heart conversations in the car, and exploring all of their favorite places so we could freeze time and make these moments last.

This is a three-part journal post because we shot each day in different locations— including a field of wildflowers, Masa’s natural light studio, and in-home.

I love this family dearly and I can’t wait to make this an annual thing.

Meet Dylan, Masa, Bowen + Mera.