in april, my guy and i traveled to arizona.

neither of us had seen the grand canyon nor had i ever been to az. we landed in vegas the first night and stayed there only to wake up a few hours later and road trip to the grand canyon. it's majestic and dreamy and everything i could've hoped for. we made a few stops around the canyon, then were back on the road to phoenix.

we arrived at our mid-century modern airbnb a few hours later. the landscaping and architecture were unbelievable. the home was designed by local architect, michael munniger and is located in the historic cheery lynn neighborhood. the hosts were super friendly and even made us gin + tonics one night by the pool. if you are interested, here is the link . 

we drove to tuscon one afternoon for a makers bazaar where i met the owner of one of my favorite shops, fine life co (hi, emily!) we also stopped in a shop called, bon - ate delicious tacos, stopped by desert vintage, drank cold brew at cartel and shot around a colorful housing district.

while in phoenix, we visited a few shops - hub, growop boutique, we ate amazing crepes at the 'crepe bar', hiked around gates pass and the botanical gardens, had the best pizza of our lives at cibo (also the most romantic night of our visit - ate pizza and homemade linguine while surrounded by twinkle lights and italian music) visited camelback flower shop and met up with sweet friends whom i know through instagram - so happy to build on these friendships. one of these gals, tish asked ben and i if she could make some photographs of the two of us. it was fun adventuring around tempe's colorful neighborhoods. check out tish's work here .

here are some moments and memories we made - feel free to check out some iphone6 photos that we took using the hashtag #arizonainapril