back in may, i worked with the ladies over at noble carriage on a story about motherhood, wellness and simple living with my dear friend, amanda and her littlest, alfie. i spent a morning with her in her beautiful home and outside in her garden. here is a little excerpt from the blog post over on noble carriage's blog; amanda's thoughts on healthy living - 

"healthy living means choosing the path of intentionality and presence as we go about our day together. it stretches beyond the borders of eating well and making sure we cook with a lot of greens and veggies, although that too is important to us.

for our family, to live healthy means incorporating consistent rhythms for each of us that benefit our whole selves, like spending time outdoors on the weekends as a family, using essential oils for wellness, taking trips around the city to the library and museum for cultural purposes, spending time to read books before bedtime, and letting the kids make art and be creative each day. We make most of our meals from scratch because i love to cook! i try to get the kids involved too because they are getting to be really interested in all the things mommy does around the house, cracking eggs and stirring bowls has gotten to be their favorite. because I stay home with them, i am able to infuse a slower-paced, mindful style of living into our day to day and I really value that."