a few weeks ago, i went to yanfamway in nashville and was able to watch the amazing, yan palmer work her magic. it wasn't about finding myself as a photographer or about re-defining my style, it was about becoming inspired, getting fresh air, fresh perspective and learning from others.

i was able to meet and connect with a lot of wonderful women during this trip and really hone in on what i love about shooting families. we broke up into groups and were able to photograph three separate families at the airbnb yan was staying at. it's something i have never done and was out of my comfort zone.

something that really stood out to me during this workshop was a story that yan told us about one of the families she shot where the mom, misty would notice her kids getting a little rowdy or too excited and she would look at them and say, "return to you." this struck a cord and just like that, they were themselves again.

i'm ready to put out some trickster energy and become better at falling in love with people. thank you yan for teaching me to just go for it, stick to my guns and stand in the way of beauty.

here are a few of my favorites from the two day workshop in nashville, tn .


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