kind words are humbling, genuine and real. they come from the hearts of couples, mothers, artists and friends who have trusted in my vision and invited me to capture moments in their lives.




"because of your gift as a photographer, the richness of our day - of our reality - is frozen for us to treasure & remember for all of our days. it's human, it's raw, it's magnificent. we can't wait to show our family, we can't wait to show our future children. we simply couldn't ask for more."  

-katie / wedding

as a photographer, i have followed along with kaley's work for years, always admiring at her beautiful interpretations of couples, life, and love. when i discovered she would be coming to california, i knew i wanted her to capture my family. like most moms, the days leading up to a  photo sessions, i was spinning about, preparing our home, our clothes, and if i am being honest, the image i wanted to make sure she saw/capture. she was in our home not but 10 minutes and i forgot about all of that. she was easy going, let us just be us, directed when necessary, but for the most part was a charming butterfly (who wants to be a fly?) on the wall...witnessing these four people, their dog and even grandfather for a bit, in a quiet flurry of red hair, smiles and delightful conversation. 

when we received our images, they moved my husband and i to tears. she allowed us to share our most honest and vulnerable 'us-ness' with both our children, and as a couple in front of a camera in ways i've never seen before.

she truly is an artist who is so much more than a photographer...she is a storyteller at heart, and i adore and respect her so much. our images will  adorn our walls and tell our story for years and years to come. 

                                                                                                                                  -lyndsey / family

"ever since i met kaley her warmth has surprised me. having her in our home felt like having an old friend over. peacefulness shines out of her. kaley has such an ease and comfort about her that disarms any awkwardness of having your photos taken. she captured so much love in each frame. i can’t wait to look back on them when i’m old and gray and smile. i will forever cherish the photos she took."  

-monique / family


"i teared up the minute i downloaded the photos from kaley. such beautiful treasures - they are literal works of art. the morning we met for photos was a bit hectic - the kids ran in the water getting their clothes wet and my son was stung by a bee, but she just was so calm about everything and let them be themselves. photographing kids in their element and in a non-intrusive way is such a talent. the photos turned out so beautiful. we LOVE them. such a kind, talented person and photographer."

-amanda jane jones / motherhood

"kaley's style is absolutely gorgeous and unique. her work draws you into the world she is capturing and highlights the details of each story she is portraying. i wanted images of my family that showed the story of who we are at this stage, and she captured the essence of my family perfectly. i was blown away with the beauty and joy kaley captured in my daughters and how well the pictures bring out each of their personalities. when i look at these pictures, i see beyond what is on the screen and am reminded of many sweet memories, while at the same time i see the young women they are becoming, through the lens of an artist. i fell in love with every photo. working with kaley was an absolute delight. from the moment she arrived she eased tensions and was a breath of fresh air. she brought a relaxing element and kept my daughters engaged with such ease - i am beyond grateful to have these photos and will treasure them always." 

-faith / family

"kaley captures the beauty of intrinsic gentle moments that one wants to keep forever. her heart guides her to truly convey life's love through her lens." 

-nico / motherhood 

"kaley has a way of making everything around her beautiful - especially in the ordinary moments, the in-between moments. she keeps it simple, not leaving any details out. kaley captures the purity of the moment, and in the end, the result is authenticity. the sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others."  

-whitney / family

"kaley feels like a cool breeze when she comes into the room. she is absolutely professional, yet warm and engaging. on top of that, she takes amazing photographs and captured so many beautiful, engaging, memorable and sweet images of the most special weekend of our lives. i feel like kaley understood our essence and that is a real treat." 

-amanda + paul / wedding

"having kaley take our photographs was one of the most special gifts i've ever received. she captured the depth of my love for my son and our unique relationship in a way i didn't realize was possible. she has a way of disappearing into your landscape so that you are able to just be yourselves as she works and because of that, her work is so authentic. she doesn't create a fairy tale you can't relate to. there is a certain grittiness that i love – she is not afraid of the mess. she captures an honest and pure tenderness – it's as if those still moments come alive. they evoke such emotion when i look back at them.

kaley is a master of detail - a father brushing away a golden curl from his daughter's eyes, tiny arms wrapped around the back of a mother's neck. little things that you don't realize are important until you see the image and think, "wow, i don't ever want to forget what it felt like when he held onto me that way."

-maria / motherhood

"time and time again, kaley has delivered a brand new way for me to see my work and tell my story. she knows exactly how to bring her own vision to the project i need, all while allowing my story to shine through. she has a fresh perspective each time we work together."

-emily / lifestyle

"kaley is so easy to work with – she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. she captured us in our natural element, doing real life so beautifully. i was in love with the candid shots of poppy outside on the trampoline. thank you kaley, for once again making the in-between moments come alive."

-lindsay / motherhood