savannah and ricky, partners of 8 years were married in the gardens of a beautiful estate called deepwood in salem, oregon last july.

i have to take a min to brag on savannah - she is a beautiful soul and has incredible style + energy. for real, i had a girl crush on her. she was one of my most memorable brides. it could’ve also been her music taste, her fur she named after anderson cooper or her two unbelievable vintage dresses i got to photograph. oh, and did i mention she looks like an olsen twin (who i was/am still obsessed with).

but in all seriousness, her and ricky have a beautiful relationship and they wanted this day to be about celebrating that with their family and friends. it was a true party! they also had the best vegan cake i’ve ever had in my life from this bakery in portland. i dream about that cake.

below are some favorites from their day.

shoutout to my second shooter, bethany for joining me and creating a few of these images.