"there is no single effort more radical in its potential for saving the world than in a transformation in the way we raise our children."

- marianne williamson

i feel as though i know so many mothers who have all boys. it's always fun hearing the differences in personalities. i asked grace about each of her boys. "i love how caring theo is. in my last few weeks of pregnancy, when i was miserable, he asked me how i was feeling and what he could do to help. with julian, i love his ability to make people laugh. he is super witty and everywhere he goes, people are drawn to him. he has so much life and heart in such a little body. we don't know zeke well yet, but i do love his little lip and his sweet little sounds."

i wanted to know the adoption story of their firecracker, julian. "honestly God gave him to us and there really wasn't a way out. we just kept knocking on doors and now were here. we got him when he was 18 months and then fostered him for 6 months before we finalized the adoption. adopting him and being an adoptive family has been hard, but we both have so much peace knowing that him being in our family wasn't some idea that we concocted and strove for - it's much bigger than that."

on their cozy home away from distraction -

"we dreamt of having a home where our kids could just run and play long after the sun goes down. to live less chaotic, busy lives and do life a little slower. i guess to be able to say yes to things that ultimately serve what we feel like our family is supposed to be."

this home is just that. i felt at peace and watching this family be is why i do what i do. all the unexpected moments that can happen in a matter of one morning makes the shoot all the more special to me - the gum getting stuck on eric's arm, the baby chicks, eric chasing theo around with hairspray to fix his hair, zeke's little smile in his nursery while grace rocked him and the whole fam running inside after it started raining. 


that said,

prepare your hearts.