the first person i messaged when i knew i would be in toronto in june was my friend, amanda.

amanda has a beautiful spirit, she glows and she fills your heart with all the goodness that pours out of her. she taught me ceramics one summer back in college and ever since, i have found myself following along with her beautiful life. she has story after story from traveling the world and creating beautiful work.

three years ago, she invited me to watervale, michigan to photograph her and paul's wedding. it was a weekend full of magic and while there, i got to know paul a little better and celebrate the two of them.

fast forward to now and they have brought a beautiful little boy into the world named, townes - how great is that name? he's already so full of life just as they are.

while in toronto, i spent part of the afternoon with them in a charming little neighborhood near ossington + queen st. w while also walking through the gorgeous, trinity bellwoods park. 

it was a joy to document my dear friends and their little babe, townes at 9 months.

a + p + townes, these are for you .