while in chicago a couple weeks ago, i had the chance to meet up with the lovely, amanda jane jones and her littles at their favorite beach in south side.

amanda is a very talented freelance graphic designer and the founding art director of kinfolk (& also grew up in kansas!) 

i had the chance to ask her a couple of questions about motherhood -

- what does motherhood mean to you? unconditional love

- your mantra or quote you live by? I know it's a popular one right now but we have "work hard and be kind" on our letter board as a constant reminder that hard work pays off and that you'll never regret being kind. 

- favorite clothier brands for mama: Ace and Jig, Elizabeth Suzann, Doen for the kids: Babaa Knitwear, Misha and Puff, Mabo, Ira Loves Mae, Alice and Ames, Zuzii, Fawn Shoppe

- what advice do you have for mama's? you know your children better than anyone else. Follow your gut, and never pass up cuddles.

it was definitely a day to remember - the kids ran straight for the water, poor miles was stung by a bee and the sun was so so bright and sparkly. all of that said, i feel as though i took a different approach to this session and i really love how it turned out.

meet amanda, miles & jane .