as you may know, motherhood shoots are some of my favorite to photograph. i was in minnesota with my guy, visiting family and got a message from kari. i asked if i could document this season in their lives for a bit. a mini in-home shoot. 

when i got there, her girls could see me through the glass door and were smiling, but also wondering who i was. as kari and i were getting to know each other in real time (we've been following one another on instagram for quite some time), they were coming into the kitchen, tapping my shoulder or poking my side and running away. this is how i knew it was going to be a true glimpse into their lives.

we spent a good thirty minutes up in their loft room that was pouring with the most beautiful light. if i'm being honest, this wasn't a perfect shoot; but once looking through them, i realized, i was too busy watching them live to correct it. turns out,  i like the messy, the real, the unknown - those beautiful in-between moments that end up being the most powerful.

kari and her husband, aaron have this mantra that really resonated with me. 

"we do not remember days, we remember moments." 

here are a few moments with kari and her three littles, kaia, kendi + klo .