last month, i spent some time with this sweet family in their home. josh and monique are part of a small church community and they both sing and play in the worship band - beautifully i might add. while monique was making me coffee, i could hear josh singing in his office and asked if he'd play for me while i photographed. that's where this shoot begins. 

before sharing their world with you, i always ask mama's their favorite part of motherhood and what mantra they choose to live by - 

"my favorite part of motherhood is how it is constantly changing me. in dark days my kids bring light. when i fall terribly short of ideal, my kids are so forgiving.  their love has changed me just as much as my love forms and changes them. 

so i love that these boys in their curious, wild, needy, joyful, disobedient, dancing, and loving selves call me up and remind me of something greater that i'm living for. - motherhood is so much about giving, so you are constantly confronted with choosing selfishness or selflessness. even when you fail you will still be presented with the opportunity to change and be selfless as well. that is such a gift."

as for the mantra - 

"well i have a quote that i have repeated over and over to myself over the years.  it reminds me that living for yourself keeps you narrow minded and without -

do not resent your place in the story. do not imagine yourself elsewhere. do not close your eyes and picture a world without thorns, without shadows, without hawks. change this world. use your body like a tool meant to be used up, discarded, and replaced, our comfort is not the goal in this life. "

motherhood can be very uncomfortable at times, days can be hard but it helps me to remember even on hard days my life is forming other human lives.  sacrifice is powerful.  sometimes mom’s resent when they are unable to to what they want,  but Galatians says to “use your freedom to serve one another in love; “  i have freedom to serve in love and this changes me and them.  that is pretty wonderful.

photographing this family was a complete honor for me - not only is mo a natural beauty, she is full of love, light and wisdom. you'll see this come out in the photos.

meet the wears family - josh, monique, jayden + siah .