"the words never meant much, that's not how i loved, it was when she stroked my hair, when she thought i was asleep, that i knew she really did." -atticus


i spend most of my days at home since it's where my office is. i always start the day off with a cup of coffee and a chapter or two in the whichever book i am currently reading. i'm finding so much value in taking at least the first thirty minutes of my day to enjoy the quietness. the rest of my slow day at home would include, playing with banjo (of course), small home projects, gardening and having friends over to sip on wine and spend a cozy evening indoors.

kinsey's home is so beautiful, warm and inviting. i instantly felt like our aesthetic's and home inspo were very similar.

i find inspiration between natural elements - wood, metal, plants, neutral colors - and inspiration from the era in which our home was built which was 1905. my husband and i have often romanticized the idea that so many different stories have been created here, lives experienced and childhood memories rest in this home. in the 70's, it was used as sort of a commune and our neighbor across the street rented a room on the third floor for many years. he's now in his 60's. i love that he hasn't moved from this street in decades, just homes.

my favorite treasures in our home are our photographs and art we have displayed. as a very visual person, my style is constantly changing and evolving, but photos and art are the few things i hold dear and would never get rid of.

"we were together, i forget the rest." -walt whitman

here are some moments i shared with my sweet friend, kinsey + her husky, banjo .

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