the gypsy marries the musician.

i took a ceramics class with amanda my last summer before graduating college, which is where i discovered how inspiring and magnetic she is. she's an amazing installation artist, adventurer, dreamer; a good hearted north carolina native. she met paul on a dating site and once he flew to denmark to meet her in real time, they knew.

i've never photographed a wedding where i felt so at home. amanda and paul invited me to stay in one of the cottages at watervale inn along with all of their closest friends + family. a tiny, colorful village right on the water. they had guests coming in from all around the world to celebrate the two of them. everywhere from australia, denmark, uk, canada, berlin, nc, + more. these two are loved.

there was a bbq the first day, a bonfire on the beach that night, hiking, swimming, porch-hanging. everything you could ever want while celebrating one of your favorite couples. there were so many great moments, but i'll let these photographs show you how that weekend in september played out.

amanda and paul, thank you for allowing me to document your day. i can't wait for you to re-live this.