back in may, some friends and i made our way west to gothic, co to film a documentary. my friend, tyler's family owns a cabin which was built in the summer of '77 in the quaint town of gothic. once we saw the sunrise at 5am, we made it to the cabin where we started settling in, taking in our surroundings and breathing in that crisp colorado air. we then hiked through the valley, saw plenty of fawns, and enjoyed each others company. the next day, we made our way into the town of crested butte where we rode horses through the aspens, hiked through national forests and did a little relaxing in the colorful town of crested butte.

on our way back to kansas, we stopped and shot on a few open roads with those amazing tones you dream of. we then entered the great sand dunes national park and reservation. one of the most picturesque places i've ever seen.

i am so grateful to have talented friends who are as eager to adventure as i am and thankful for this time spent in such a beautiful place. be sure to check out the documentary which was filmed by andrew shepherd and austin goldberg, edited by nathan eaton, featuring myself, tyler enders and chante gossett.


+ a short 'gothic' preview made by andrew shepherd.