hello! i'm kaley.

i am inspired by human interaction, simple living, family heirlooms, life's oddities, minimalism, earth tones, backyard gatherings, local makers, artists, dreamers, the pacific northwest, youth culture, windblown hair, foggy days, natural light, curated spaces, and the color, white.

i would love nothing more than to tell your story, just as it is.

i find beauty in the mundane, i find wonder, whimsy and honesty from the life you are living and what surrounds you.

this is a collaboration.

i document your biggest day, your every day. the ones that you should remember. i photograph the details which are often overlooked - a vintage armoire, the remanence after a family breakfast, the trimming of flowers, window sills, reflections. i document what makes my subject who they are, what they like to do, what they like to read, grow, make.

every story is special. every story is original.

clients, features + publications

artifact uprising, design sponge, 100 layer cake, urban outfitters, noble carriage, 100 layer cakelet, design aglow, tea collection, squarespace.